Top 10 Reasons Why Every Realtor Should Know About Real Estate in a Self-Directed IRA

Top 10 Reasons Why Every Realtor Should Know About Real Estate in a Self-Directed IRA

It is not an uncommon question for anyone to ask… “What’s in it for me?” or “How am I going to benefit from this?” Realtors always ask, “Why is it important for me to know about owning real estate in an IRA?” The answer to this is quite simple… why wouldn’t you want to learn about a new option to purchase investment real estate that you can offer to your clients?! If this answer isn’t a good enough reason to expand your IRA real estate investing knowledge then hopefully one of the ten reasons below will get your attention!

  1. Another option to purchase investment real estate: Do you have a client who is lacking funds to purchase their dream investment property? They can purchase 100% of the property with their retirement funds! Or their IRA can partner up with themselves or with a friend or family member’s retirement account to make the purchase.
  2. Gains inside the retirement account grow tax free: All rental income and sale proceeds come back into the IRA tax free! Therefore you’re saving your clients 1000s of dollars in taxes that can potentially be used to purchase an investment property of greater value.
  3. IRA contributions may be deductible.
  4. A Roth IRA might never be taxed: Depending on the type of retirement account your client has, their rental income and sale proceeds may never be taxed.
  5. You can be a resource for your clients! There are over 4 Trillion dollars in retirement accounts and only 2% is being invested in real estate! Most professionals are not taking advantage of this untapped market!
  6. These are CASH deals!!!
  7. Faster turnaround times: Real estate closing documents only need at least 2 business days prior to closing.
  8. All investment real estate qualifies: This includes single-family homes, multi-unit homes, commercial property, improved or unimproved land, apartment buildings, trust deeds, tax certificates, etc. The main stipulation is that the property must be used for investment use only!
  9. Your client may be looking to diversify their retirement portfolio: This is a great way to help your clients not only diversify their portfolio but to also invest in something that they are more familiar with and can control.
  10. Finding new solutions to offer your clients on how they can purchase real estate equals MORE COMMISSIONS FOR YOU!

So now ask yourself “how can knowing about investment real estate in a self-directed IRA help me?” You should now have no problem answering that question. Just knowing that purchasing real estate in a retirement account is an option differentiates you from the thousands of other realtors out there. You can be a valuable resource to your clients. If you have a client looking to purchase investment use real estate and you tell them there is an option to save tons of money on taxes, I guarantee you that client is not only going to be a loyal customer, but they are also going to tell all of their friends and family that their realtor taught them a new way to purchase property and how they saved all of this money in taxes thanks to you.

Now why wait to learn more? We have a great real estate IRA guide that outlines how easy and simple investing in real estate using a retirement account can be. And thanks to our great customer service at Midland IRA we walk you through every step of the way and we’re available any time to answer your questions.

Contact Brenda Whetsell to learn more or to request your free real estate IRA guide. She’d love to help you out with any questions you or your client have. You can reach her by email at or directly at 239-333-4913.

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