Brandon Hall
Position: Executive Vice President, COO

Brandon Hall is originally from Atlanta, GA. After earning his Bachelors degree from the University of Alabama in 1996, he moved the Southwest Florida and subsequently earned his MBA from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2005. He also received the coveted CISP (Certified IRA Service Professional) designation from the American Banking Association in 2007. Hall has been an integral part in the growth of Midland IRA from the time Midland started the self-directed retirement plan component of Midland’s current business model. He is currently an Executive Vice President overseeing Midland Operations. Hall is married to Jennifer Hall (19 years), whom he met playing softball at Alabama. He also has two children, Preston (11) and Kellan (6). Hall likes to travel, but most of the time can be found working or at the local little league park.
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