Amanda Bermudez
Position: Senior Vice President

Amanda Bermudez manages Client Services for Midland IRA. She is an expert in the rules and regulations of retirement plans and is a licensed instructor.

Amanda’s extensive experience in operations and investment review make her a valued resource for both clients and professionals on all investment types that may be held inside a self-directed IRA. She has extensive knowledge in private placements, real estate, notes/mortgages & LLCs as well as prohibited transactions. Her many years in administration provide the leadership and technical competence that Midland clients have to come rely on and appreciate.

Amanda is a regular presenter for Continuing Education courses for Realtor, Attorney, CPA & CFP groups. Her back-office experience at Midland coupled with her detailed knowledge about retirement plans make her an expert presenter on self-directed retirement planning.

Amanda is a graduate of the University of Iowa and holds a Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) designation from the American Banking Association’s Institute of Certified Bankers.


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