Investors who use self-directed IRAs can use cash from the accounts to purchase shares in hedge funds. Investing in hedge funds can provide the account holders tax-sheltered retirement income and widespread diversity in their retirement portfolios.

Hedge fund investment strategies include:

Global Macro
Event Driven
Relative Value (Arbitrage)

Examples of hedge fund asset classes:

Fixed Income

Hedge funds are typically made available only to sophisticated and accredited investors and, except in limited circumstances, cannot be offered or sold by means of general advertising. Hedge funds are subject to regulation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and/or the appropriate state securities administrator. Investors should retain independent financial and/or legal counsel to evaluate the risks and merits of investments in any hedge fund before investing.

Investing in hedge funds is just one example of alternative assets permissible in self-directed IRAs and other plans. While hedge funds present opportunities for the more experienced and accredited investors, there are many other options available for investors of all levels from the beginner to the sophisticate. Self-direction offers the freedom for you to invest in what you know best. Explore the many other possibilities such as real estate, private lending, crowdfunding, precious metals and more. Your IRA can even own a business, provided you understand all income and expenses associated with that investment must flow into and out of the retirement account.

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