Transfer Funds

Use the Transfer Form to transfer funds between LIKE accounts. For example, to transfer from a Roth IRA to a Roth IRA, use this form. Send this completed form with original hard-inked signatures to Midland for immediate processing. Midland will work with your current custodian to complete your request.

  • Do not leave any sections blank
  • Sign Section 4
  • Include a recent copy of your IRA statement
  • Ensure that the amount you want to transfer is LIQUID (Cash or Money Market position)

Click Here to Download the Transfer Form

Rollover Funds

Use the Rollover Form to certify a rollover of assets to Midland IRA. Midland IRA will not initiate the rollover. Contact your current custodian to roll over your assets to Midland IRA. For multiple accounts or assets, use a separate form for each.

Direct Rollover – Rollover funds directly from employer plan

To initiate a Direct Rollover, contact the administrator of your employer plan and complete a request for Direct Rollover to another financial institution. Indicate your new Midland account information on the form. No tax withholding will apply to Direct Rollovers. Typically, the check is made payable to your Midland IRA, but is mailed to your personal residence. When you receive the check, forward the check along with this Rollover Form for deposit.

Indirect Rollover – Rollover funds received as a distribution

To rollover funds that you have received as a distribution within the last 60 days, make a check payable to: Midland Trust Company as Custodian FBO CLIENT NAME & MIDLAND ACCT #. Include this check with the Midland Rollover Form and send to our office for deposit to your account.

Click Here to Download the Rollover Form