Find the Power of Investing with Your IRA in Midland Moments

Find the Power of Investing with Your IRA in Midland Moments

Whether you are a client of ours or a financial professional working with us, Midland IRA never disappoints. We develop strong relationships with everyone we meet. Doing so helps us help you reach your goals. Those relationships—Midland Moments—are personal and professional. And that is important when you are choosing an administrator for investing with your IRA.

There are many faces of the Midland Moment. These moments are in the relationships that enable individuals to invest with confidence to reach their full potential of success. Your moment may be discovering an exciting alternative asset. Or, it’s seen in the relationship between you and your client services representative. Financial professionals find their moments within our seamless investing processes.


Midland IRA has a solid reputation as the most trusted, nationwide resource for investors and industry professionals. Our clients hold over $1 billion in alternative assets and enjoy the Freedom to Invest in every asset available in self-directed IRAs. We deliver unsurpassed service to clients and professionals we work with, so they can expect their Midland Moments to be flawless.

Asset providers, financial, and other industry professionals experience a cohesive and seamless process that elevates your value to your clients. Many individuals are turning to alternative assets to build retirement wealth—which presents a new class of clients for professionals and an exciting resource of investing capital for asset providers.


Midland offers 24-hour, online access to our clients and approved providers. Our clients can monitor their accounts, pay bills, initiate investment directives, and more using the Midland360 portal. Asset providers and professionals can also monitor their clients’ accounts for accuracy and performance. Investing with your IRA has never been easier.


Whether you’re investing with a self-directed IRA, performing a 1031 exchange, or an industry professional—you get swift, personal service from a dedicated Midland expert. Your representative is available to answer questions, explain procedures, ensure transactions are compliant with IRS regulations, and much more.

Investing with Your IRA

Self-directed IRAs and other plans give you the hands-on ability to manage your own retirement funds and to choose your own assets. Investing with your IRA has limitless possibilities found in alternatives that provide diversity and wealth-building potential for your retirement.

Our clients have The Freedom to Invest™ in every permissible asset available. They also enjoy the power of having Midland IRA behind them every step of the way. While we help clients navigate the complexities of investing with self-directed IRAs and 1031 exchanges, we do not perform due diligence or give advice on investments. Our transactions are timely, compliant and executed properly. We also help clarify contribution limits, permissible investments, and the rules and regulations governing these accounts.

We bring years of knowledge and expertise to the table. But, the best part of what we do is simply getting to know you. Our relationships with you are crucial for us to deliver service that helps you reach your goals, exceeds your expectations, and ensures your Midland Moments are superb.

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