Always looking to deliver the best possible client experience, Midland has leveraged technology with our online application and DocuSign-enabled investment process.  With our new OnePath technology, Midland marries these two processes into one, link-based application. We’ve consolidated a multi-step exercise into one streamlined experience. This means faster funding and less steps for investment managers and their investors.  

Yes, there will be fields inserted throughout the document so that the client can complete the accreditation questionnaire electronically while completing the subscription agreement.  However, we will not be verifying accreditation or verifying the accuracy of the completed fields. The management of the investment offering and their respective service providers will need to verify accreditation.  

The client will be going through the steps to establish a Midland IRA account, initiate funding of their new Midland IRA account, Subscription Agreement and Investor Questionnaire, and Midland IRA Purchase Authorization.

After completing the OnePath application, the client will need to perform a verbal confirmation of the investment transaction.  This verbal confirmation will be done with the client’s Midland IRA dedicated client service representative.

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