Midland IRA Streamlines the Process

Investment advisors are turning to alternative assets to help their clients truly diversify their retirement portfolios. Clients who want a hands-on approach to building their portfolios enjoy the advantages of using self-directed accounts for this purpose.

Retirement accounts at Midland hold a large range of alternative assets, such as real estate, notes, hedge funds or private equity offerings. However, Midland is not a fiduciary, and does not give investment, legal or tax advice.

By providing exceptional services to both advisors and investors, Midland streamlines the process for the investors’ portfolio diversification. Alternative investments are chosen by the client and/or their financial advisor.


Midland as an Ally for Investing Solutions

Most IRA administrators only allow investments in products that they sell. Some make special accommodations for high net-worth clients. However, the transactions are usually slow and cumbersome due to the lack of experience with these types of assets.

Midland does not sell investments. We do not limit investment options in the accounts we serve other than the limitations the IRS imposes on IRAs (i.e. life insurance or collectibles are not permissible assets).


Types of Alternative Investments

Midland allows all types of alternative investments, including:


Working with Midland

Midland understands that your clients are the most important aspect of your business.   Midland will work with your clients as you deem necessary. We are happy to handle communication and paperwork directly with the client. Or, if you prefer, to do most of the communication yourself, Midland can limit communication to only required security protocol.

As an advisor working with Midland, you will experience:

  • One-on-one personal assistance
  • Aggregated online account access (one login for an advisor shows all his/her client activity)
  • Simple transaction processing (including many electronic submission options)
  • Unprecedented speed (funding within 24 hours of receipt of required approved documents)
  • Alternative Investment Education (Midland has over 10 certified IRA specialists that know the ins and outs of processes and regulations)
  • Competitive fees for clients with accounts at Midland


Investment Process and Timeline

Open a Midland Account

Open a Midland IRA account by completing our online application. Investor must supply pen- signed documents, a copy of their driver’s license, and a copy of their account statement.

Fund the Account

Fund the account via IRA to IRA transfer, rollover, or contribution by completing the appropriate form found here.

Make the Investment

Complete the appropriate form for the asset your client wishes to invest in by clicking here.

Note: Entire timeline length from day 1 ends within 3 weeks. Use the arrows (if present) to scroll through the entire timeline.