Crowdfunding with Retirement Funds

The IRA market holds a collective $8.3 trillion in funds, presenting great potential for investment sponsors. Those who self-direct their plans choose their own assets—and crowdfunding is one of many options permissible in plans at Midland IRA.

Midland provides expertise you can bank on as a custodial solution for investors who use alternative assets to grow retirement wealth. We build solid relationships with investment sponsors and their clients, who count on our vast knowledge of investing with self-directed retirement funds. Our simplified process provides easy access to fast investing capital—and our proficiency ensures the administrative aspects of self-directed accounts comply with IRS regulations.

Thanks to the SEC allowing Regulation A offerings in addition to Regulation D options, many opportunities are available for investors to use to grow wealth. Now, investors have greater potential for diversification in retirement portfolios. Platforms are leveraging their knowledge of self-directed accounts to develop a broader client base.


Benefits for Investors

Midland clients have direct access to industry experts who make the investing process as seamless as possible. Crowdfunding with retirement funds provides great opportunity for diversification in retirement portfolios. Investors have the choice of working with a professional venture firms or joining groups that help source potential opportunities. They can also invest on their own.


Benefits for Crowdfunding Professionals

Professionals can cultivate an entirely new client base from individuals who invest with retirement funds. Knowing and understand how these accounts work helps you identify additional sources of capital. Midland works with you to educate your staff and clients, to set up new accounts, and to ensure the administrative details of self-directed accounts are performed in compliance with the IRS.

Investment Process and Timeline

Request a Personalized Midland App

Let investors know they can use their retirement funds to invest. Then request a personalized self-directed account application link.

Post Your Personalized Application

Once you have the link to your personalized application, you can post it on your portal so investors can easily open a Midland account.

Make the Investment

Midland works with the platform, sponsor, and clients to fund new accounts and purchase desired assets. Now that your clients have made their investment they can log in to their Midland IRA account and track the progress.

Note: Entire timeline length from day 1 ends within 2 weeks. Use the arrows (if present) to scroll through the entire timeline.