Offer Alternative Assets as Wealth Management Solutions

You are the most trusted resource for your clients. Wealth management and planning options for attorneys and CPAs include working with your clients to develop strategies in tax planning, setting up LLCs, and document preparation, as well as estate planning. When you understand self-directed IRAs and 1031 exchanges, you can offer unique opportunities to help clients design the optimal financial plan. Doing so helps them reach their goals using alternative assets as wealth-building solutions.

Many investors choose to be actively involved in planning their financial futures. This puts them in charge of their own wealth management to a degree, but your clients still depend on you. This makes your role an essential piece of their success. Self-directed IRAs and 1031 exchanges provide the control that helps build tax-sheltered retirement income. And, your knowledge of these investing strategies makes you a more valuable resource for clients and potential clients.

Midland IRA can help as a self-directed account administrator. We do not offer financial or investment advice, but we do offer superior tools and services to make the investing process easy. We are an impartial third party. As such, Midland IRA is the record-keeper and custodian of your client’s retirement funds. And, we never sell any investment products or collect commissions. Instead, our key function is acting as a gateway for your clients to access a larger range of investment options to use to build wealth for retirement.

Midland’s custom educational curriculum for professionals includes free, on-site presentations and webinars. Specifically, attendees learn how self-directed retirement plans work and the vast number of investments permissible in these accounts. Events include short (15-20 minute) overviews to more informative two-hour seminars.


Our Presentations Offer Participants Powerful Information
  • How to educate existing and potential clients about self-directed investing
  • The different types of accounts that can be self-directed
  • Alternative assets allowed in plans and the rules governing these accounts
  • Why IRAs can incur unrelated business income tax (UBIT) with some assets as well as how to help clients navigate this tax
  • The role of Midland, the client, and yourself during the investing process


Tools Available to You with Interested Party Designation
  • 24/7 live access to monitor client accounts, including a demo to show ease of data sharing between Midland and a client’s tax advisor
  • Tax documents (Form 1099, 5498, etc.) all posted online and available to you for direct download for ease of tax preparation
  • A link to Excel spreadsheets to export data to your systems for record keeping purposes
  • A dedicated representative at Midland IRA who is the point of contact for you and your clients

Investment Process and Timeline

Open a Midland Account

Open a Midland IRA account by completing our online application. Investor must supply pen-signed documents, a copy of their driver’s license, and a copy of their account statement.

Fund the Account

Fund the account via IRA to IRA transfer, rollover, or contribution by completing the appropriate form found here.

Make the Investment

Complete the appropriate form for the asset your client wishes to invest in by clicking here.

Note: Entire timeline length from day 1 ends within 3 weeks. Use the arrows (if present) to scroll through the entire timeline.