Attention Attorneys & CPAs

Investors are becoming more strategic in planning successful financial futures by using self-directed IRAs to build tax-deferred or tax-free income for retirement. Knowledge of self-directed retirement accounts makes you a more valuable resource for your clients and adds an area of expertise that can be a key selling point to gain new clients. Healthy retirement portfolios depend on the investor as well as his or her advisors, so your role is always an essential piece of the client’s self-directed retirement account.

Midland IRA can help

As a self-directed account administrator, Midland IRA does not offer financial or investment advice. As an impartial third party, Midland IRA serves as a record-keeper and custodian of your client’s retirement funds. We never sell any investment products or collect any commissions. Our key function is to act as a gateway for your clients to access a larger range of investment options within their retirement funds. Clients looking to diversify beyond the usual stocks, bonds or mutual funds within their retirement portfolios turn to us as a portal to invest in assets legally allowable, but not traditionally offered as investment options within retirement accounts. We educate professionals in a variety of fields by providing informative in-office presentations and online webinars about investment opportunities using self-directed IRAs. These range from short 15-minute overviews to more in-depth, two-hour continuing education courses, all provided free of charge.

During our presentations, attendees learn a variety of information
  • How to educate existing and potential clients who may be interested in self-direction
  • What types of accounts can be self-directed
  • Alternative investments permissible in self-directed IRAs and the rules regarding tax-deferred and tax free investment income
  • What types of investments in IRAs can incur unrelated business income tax (UBIT) and how you can help clients with this relatively unknown tax
  • Our role, as well as the roles of the client and yourself throughout the investment process
Tools available to you with interested party designation
  • 24/7 live access to monitor client accounts with included demo to show ease of data sharing between Midland and a client’s tax advisor
  • Tax documents (Form 1099, 5498, etc.) all posted online available directly to you for direct download to promote ease of tax preparation
  • Link to excel spreadsheet to export data to your systems for record keeping purposes
  • Assigned representative at Midland IRA to serve as point of contact for you and your clients